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Features common to all Sherline equipment with IMService Servo systems:

  • Windows based control system software includes both machine controller and CAM programming

  • 1/3 hp enclosed DC spindle motor with 70-2800 rpm adjustable motor controller

  • Laser engraved hand wheels on all axes

  • CNC ready machines have thrust bearings, flex couplings, and motor mounts

  • Up to 112500 steps per inch resolution (approximately 9 millionths)

  • Servo motors with optical encoder feedback and back shaft for hand wheel mounting

  • 45 inch per minute rapid and feed rates from DeskCNC software included with SYS-3 and Kit-3

  • Closed loop system, no lost steps

  • Handles on Each Axis enable manual use without the "cogging" found on stepper machines.

  • Machines, servo motors, systems, and software are Made in USA

Products Description



CNC Lathes

Check out the threading 

Lathe with Servo System
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CNC Mills Mill with Servo System
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  Ultimate Machine Shop
   (CNC Lathe and CNC Mill)
Ultimate Machine Shop with Servo System
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Servo Systems To purchase systems separately from machines
Servo Kits To purchase CNC kits separately from machines
  Accessories for Sherline machines See individual items below

Sherline CNC Lathes

CNC threading with a Sherline Lathe and the Electronic threading kit

   Lathe Encoder information link

Threading C1018 CR Steel with SYS-3A and quadrature encoder.

The IMService servo system includes a threading capability.  It uses a quadrature encoder with 2000 divisions per revolution. This permits precise electronic gearing of the spindle rotation to axis movement when cutting a single point thread.  Our CNC threading kit also includes software to create toolpaths for single or multiple start threads, inch or metric pitches, multiple passes and spring passes, 60 or 55 degree in-feeds, and constant cross sectional cutting to assure that the power needed for the first cut is the same for the last cut.  Photos below are 1018 cold rolled steel.  Left to right below, the threads are 1/2-20, 3/4-16, and 1"-14.  During the cutting of the 3/4-16 the X axis was accidentally bumped into the 1/2 diameter, resulting in a servo fault.  The thread pitch was about .012 oversize on the diameter.  With the servo reset/interrupt toggle and the hand wheels, the tool position was re-set and the thread was then finished with no adverse affects.  All the threads have about .004 inch tolerance on the pitch diameter.  The actual cut pitch diameters were easily held to +.002 to +.000 inch on the diameter.

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Sherline Lathes with SYS-3A Servo System
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Model Size List Price  2 axis system   Combined price 
4000 CNC (4100 metric) 3.5 x 8 $800 $1049 $1729
4000A CNC  3.5 x 8 $906 $1049 $1820
4000B CNC 3.5 x 8 $1107 $1049 $1990
4400 CNC (4410 metric) 3.5 x 17 $880 $1049 $1797
4400A CNC  3.5 x 17 $1035 $1049 $1929
4400B CNC 3.5 x 17 $1221 $1049 $2087

Model 4000 lathe: Standard equipment for the basic model 4000 (metric 4100) lathe includes a powerful 90 VDC motor with electronic speed controller, a 2.75" (70mm) x 6.0" (152mm) crosslide, 15" (381mm) steel bed to allow 8" (203mm) between centers, standard 1-5/8" (41mm) laser engraved aluminum handwheels, pulleys, belt, faceplate, lathe dog, two dead centers, three hexagonal keys, tool post, sharpened high-speed steel cutting tool, eight-foot, three-wire power cord and instruction booklet. This lathe can turn a part up to 3.5” in diameter over the bed or up to 1.88” over the carriage without riser blocks. With an optional riser block, parts up to 6” in diameter can be turned over the bed. The lathe has 8” of space between centers. The electronic speed control allows continuously variable speed control from 70 to 2800 RPM without belt changes. There is a second pulley position available that offers extra torque at low RPM if needed. Inch or metric screws available inch screw 20 tpi (.050 inch per rev) and metric screw is 1/mm pitch (.0397 inch per rev)

-4000-A options

• 1041 2.5" 3-jaw self-centering chuck
• 1072 Jacobs 1/4" tailstock drill chuck w/ key, #0 Morse arbor, #1 Morse arbor with drawbolt

-4000-B options include the -A options plus the following:

• 1074 Steady rest
• 1191 Live Center
• 3002 Cutoff tool and holder
• 3007 1/4" HSS 3-piece cutting tool set (RH, LH, boring)
• 3020 Sherline 5/32" T-driver
• 3021 3-piece center drill set

Model 4400 lathe: In addition to items shown for the model 4000 lathe, , the model 4400 lathe has a 24" (610mm) bed that has 17" (431mm) between centers, a 2.5" (63mm) resettable “zero” handwheel on the leadscrew, two 2" (51mm) resettable “zero” handwheels on the crosslide and feed screw and a rocker tool post (P/N 3057) substituted for the standard tool post used on the shortbed lathes.

-4400-A options

• P/N 1040 3.1" 3-jaw self-centering chuck
• P/N 1069 Jacobs 3/8" tailstock drill chuck w/ key, #0 Morse arbor, #1 Morse arbor with drawbolt

-4400-B options include the 4400-A options plus the following:

• 1074 Steady rest
• 1191 Live Center
• 3002 Cutoff tool and holder
• 3007 1/4" HSS 3-piece tool set (RH, LH, boring)
• 3020 Sherline 5/32" T-driver
• 3021 3-piece center drill set

Sherline CNC Mills

Sherline Mills with SYS-3A Servo System
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Model Size ( x-y-z) List Price  3 axis system   Combined price 
5000 CNC (5100 metric) 9 x 3 x 6.25 $930 $1206 $1997
5000A CNC  9 x 3 x 6.25 $1267 $1206 $2283
5400 CNC (5410 metric) 9 x 5 x 6.25 $1055 $1206 $2103
5400A CNC  9 x 5 x 6.25 $1339 $1206 $2345
2000 CNC (2010 metric) 9 x 7 x 5.38 $1275 $1206 $2290
2000A CNC 9 x 7 x 5.38 $1566 $1206 $2538

Note: 4 axis CNC system also available. Add $289 for 4 axis controller, cables and 4th servomotor  See accessories section for rotary table set

Mill Specifications





Max clearance, table to spindle

8.00" (203 mm)

8.00" (203 mm)

9.00" (229 mm)

Throat (without headstock spacer) 2.25" (50 mm) 2.25" (50 mm) Adjustable
Throat (with headstock spacer block) (Not included) Included, 3.50" (89 mm)  Not Required

Travel, "X" Axis

9.00" (228 mm)

9.00" (228 mm)

9.00" (229 mm)

Travel, "Y" Axis

3.00" (76 mm)

5.00" (127 mm)

7.00" (178 mm)

Travel, "Z" Axis

6.25" (159 mm)

6.25" (159 mm).

5.38" (137 mm)

Hole through spindle

.405" (10 mm)

.405" (10 mm)

.405 (10 mm)

Spindle nose thread

3/4-16 T.P.I.

3/4-16 T.P.I.

3/4-16 T.P.I.

Spindle taper

#1 Morse

#1 Morse.

#1 Morse

Handwheel graduations

.001" (.01 mm)

.001" (.01 mm)

.001" (.01 mm)

Width overall*

14.75" (375 mm)

15.00" (381 mm)

15.00 (381 mm)

Depth overall*

11.75" (298 mm)

14.00" (356 mm)

22.25" (565 mm)

Height overall*

20.75" (527 mm)

20.75" (527 mm)

23.38" (568 mm)

Table size

2.75" x 13.00" (70 x 330 mm)

2.75" x 13.00" (70 x 330 mm)

2.75" x 13.00" (70 x 330 mm)

Hold down provision

2 "T" Slots

2 "T" Slots

2 "T" Slots

Shipping weight

33 lb. (15.0 kg)

36 lb. (16.3 kg)

38 lb. (17.2 kg)

Movements in addition to X-, Y- and Z-axes

Headstock rotation 90° left/right

Headstock rotation 90° left/right

Headstock rotation 90° left/right, column rotation (90° L/R), column pivot (front/back), column swing (90° L/R) and 5.5" column travel (in/out)

Motor 1/3 HP DC (90 volts) electronic speed control automatically converts any input from 100 VAC to 240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz. (See motor specifications)
Spindle speed range

70-2800 RPM continuously variable by electronic speed control

*Overall dimensions include motor and speed control

Model 5000 CNC Mill: The 5000-series mills are Sherline's most economical mills and would be a good starting point for any miniature machine shop. They feature a solid 10" (254mm) aluminum base, precision machined dovetailed slides with adjustable gibs, permanently lubricated spindle bearings, adjustable preload anti-backlash feed screws on the X- and Y-axes, two 1-5/8" (41mm) laser engraved aluminum handwheels, one 2-1/2" (63mm) laser engraved handwheel with thrust bearings, and many other features found only on the best commercial machines.Inch or metric screws available inch screw 20 tpi (.050 inch per rev) and metric screw is 1/mm pitch (.0397 inch per rev)

5000CNC-A Package includes in addition to the 5000CNC mill:

• P/N 3013 step block hold-down set
• P/N 3020 5/32" hex T-driver
• P/N 3021 3-pc. center drill set
• P/N 3052 fly cutter
• P/N 3060 3-pc. mill collet set
• P/N 3072 Jacobs 1/4" tailstock drill chuck w/ key, #0 Morse arbor, #1 Morse arbor with drawbolt
• P/N 3079 3/8" end mill holder
• P/N 7400 6-pc. 3/8" shank double ended end mill set
• P/N 3551 milling vise
• P/N 5327 Sherline Shop Guide book

Model 5400 CNC Deluxe Mill: The deluxe 5400-series mill is the most popular mill. It comes equipped with all of Sherline’s standard features upgraded to include a laser engraved 12" (305mm) solid aluminum base for 2" of additional Y-axis travel, laser engraved scales on the table and base, 2-1/2" (63mm) adjustable “zero” handwheel on the Z-axis and 2" (51mm) adjustable “zero” handwheels on the X- and Y-axes, a mill headstock spacer (P/N 1297) to provide more throat distance and a 1/4" drill chuck and drawbolt (P/N 3072).

5400CNC-A Package includes the 5400CNC mill plus the same items as the 5000CNC-A package

Model 2000 CNC Mill: The 2000-series 8-direction mill was designed to take Sherline tools into the next century. Patterned after the movements of the industry standard for full-size mills, the Bridgeport® mill, the column has been redesigned to offer four additional directions of movement compared to other Sherline mills. A modified rotary column attachment allows the Z-axis column to tilt from side to side up to 90°. A laser engraved angle scale makes setting the tilt angle easy. As on the rotary column, a clamping ring design locks the column securely at the desired angle. On the back side of this special rotary column attachment is a knuckle that allows the top of the Z-axis column to be tilted either toward or away from the operator. Laser engraved scales indicate movement up to 90° in either direction on this axis.

In addition to the side-to-side rotary tilt movement, the new column base offers a center pivot lock that allows the ram to be moved both in and out as well as swung from side to side. In/out travel is 5.50" and side-to-side motion is indicated by laser engraved scales showing up to 90° of movement either way. These four movements are in addition to the standard mill’s X-, Y-, Z-axis travel and headstock rotation movement, giving a total of eight directions of motion or tilt. This much versatility puts the Sherline model 2000 mill in a class by itself in this size range. It is a fully functional shop mill that fits on a tabletop and stores on a closet shelf. When used with accessories like the tilting angle table and rotary table, the machining possibilities of the mill are limited only by part size and the extent of your imagination.

The 2000-series mill base has been extended an additional 2" over the Model 5400/5410, extending the Y-axis travel to 7.0" (178mm). This was done to accommodate the pivoting mechanisms and to take advantage of the increased arm movements. Like the deluxe Model 5400/5410 mills, all handwheels are resettable to zero at any time.

The 8-direction mill includes the same laser engraved scales on the base and table as the 5400-series deluxe mill package. Also included is a 1/4" Jacobs drill chuck and key. (The headstock spacer block is not included on the 2000-series mill, as the ram travel makes it unnecessary.)

2000CNC-A Package includes 2000CNC mill plus the same items as the 5000CNC-A package

Sherline CNC Ultimate Machine Shop Packages

Sherline Ultimate Machine Shop Packages with SYS-3A Servo System
Web Store Link

Model Size List Price  6 axis system   Combined price 
6000 CNC (6100 metric) 3.5 x 8 $2972 $1825 $4352
6200 CNC (6210 metric) 3.5 x 8 $3255 $1825 $4592

Model 6000CNC Ultimate Machine Shop package

If you want to set up a complete miniature machine shop with just one purchase, the "Ultimate Machine Shop" package makes it easy for you. This package  combines a Model 4400CNC deluxe 3.5 x 17" lathe and a Model 5400CNC deluxe vertical milling machine with a host of the most popular machining accessories. Included are all the items you need to set up for most machining jobs including cutting tools and holding fixtures.
An Extra Controller box for lathe is also available for an extra cost.  This permits you to use both machines at the same time.

In addition to the lathe and mill, you get the following accessories:

Model 6200CNC Ultimate Machine Shop package: This package includes the same accessories as the 6000 Ultimate Machine Shop package, except that it includes a Model 4400CNC deluxe 3.5 x 17" lathe and Model 2000CNC 8-direction vertical milling machine. 

Sherline CNC Servo Systems

Sherline CNC Servo Kits

Accessories for Sherline CNC Machines


Manufacturer Photo Description Price Purchase Link
Sherline 3700CNC Rotary Table Shown mounted to 3701 Right Angle plate. $336.00


Sherline 3701 Right Angle Plate for rotary table. $78.75 Purchase
Sherline 3702 Right Angle Tailstock for rotary table $78.75 Purchase
Sherline Rotary Table Set consisting of 3700CNC, 3701, and 3702 $493.50 Purchase
Sherline 4335 10,000 RPM Pulley Set $84.00 Purchase
Sherline 8900 High Speed Air Spindle (for mill) for engraving and other applications were extremely small, pointed tools are used, higher speeds are required for good finishes and acceptable feed rates. This spindle is capable of speeds up to 54,000 RPM and will hold 1/8" diameter cutting tools in its collet spindle. Requires 90 psi air supply. $257.25  

P/N 8986   Grinder Tool post for High Speed Air Spindle




P/N 4360  Sherline Chip guard  For 4000 or 4400 Lathe $15.75 Purchase
IMService Threading Kit.  Uses quadrature encoder to provide electronic spindle gearing when single point, thread cutting.  Includes software for creating threading programs. $169.00 Purchase


Dual outlet magnetic relay box.  Opto-isolated from control system.  Use to turn on/off spindle and coolant pump from CNC program.  Automatically switches off motors after program is completed.  $249.00 Purchase
DeskCNC TP-100 Probe $295.00 Purchase


5400 Mill Enclosure $250.00 Purchase
A2Z Lathe Q.C. Toolpost for lathe with 4 Quick Change holders.  Includes tool post, 2-standard holders, 1-.375 boring bar holder, 1-cutoff holder and Sherline Lathe mounting kit.  Machined from billet 6061 T6 Aluminum. Hard Anodized for durability and appearance.  No tools required to change holders.


$99.00 Purchase


Lathe tool set. 7 PC indexable carbide boxed
 With carbide inserted, 1/4 shank tool holders, Includes toolholders assembled with one full set of inserts, and clamping screws.( extra inserts and replacement screws shown are also available, but are NOT included with the set)


HTS Modular Tooling Plate
 1/2”x 4” x 14” aluminum mounting surface precision ground cast plate for flatness. 182 10-32 tapped holes on 1/2” centers. All tapped holes thread formed for maximum strength. 
  • 2 bar clamps
  • 4 1/2” round clamps
  • 4 3/4” round clamps
  • 4 1” round  clamps
  • 4 cam screws
  • 8 non cam screws
  • Hex wrench included
$99.00 Purchase
Rapid Tool Changer for Sherline Mill, includes 3 ER-16 tool holders

New Industrial model, with modified sleeve and holder to accomodate automatic tool changers. Max speed of 10,000RPM. Made from Stainless Steel is very durable and will last years. Comes with 3 holders. All of these tools work with previous versions for max interchangeability. Mill Quick Changer for Sherline 5000, 5400, 2000. Tool Changer System comes with Rapid Tool Changer that mounts to the Sherline spindle. 3 ER-16 collet holders and 3 ER-16 nuts included. Collets are not included. Extra holders, collets can be ordered seperately.
$345.00 Purchase
HTS   Extra ER-16 Tool Holders for Rapid Tool Changer for Sherline Mill
Extra ER-16 Collet holders for Rapid Tool Changer system. ER-16 collets not included. Note this item may be slightly different from that shown in photo. Current produciton does not include the dimpled shank.


MIC    ER-16 collet set, 10 pc
Extra ER-16 Collets for Rapid Tool Changer for Sherline Mill, 10 PC set., 1 each of 1/32, 1/16, 3/32, 1/8, 3/16, 7/32, 1/4, 5/16, 11/32, and 3/8.




Extra ER-16 Collets for Rapid Tool Changer for Sherline Mill
10 Sizex available. Order each separately
$12 ea. Purchase


Solid end mill holders, 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, or 3/8" shank, Select size, for Sherline Spindle. A2Z
$19.50 Purchase


Precision Leadscrew Upgrade for Sherline Mill

Precision XY axis upgrade for Sherline mills using Sherline CNC motor mount systems

$420 Purchase


Long travel Y base for Sherline Mills
Replace standard base for A2Z Extended Base for Sherline Mill. 18" long for 6" additional travel on 54XX mills and 4" more on 20X0 mills
$237.50 Purchase


Sherline 14" Travel Mill Table w/T-Slots&Tapped Holes $200 Purchase


Sherline 2.2" Headstock Riser
$50 Purchase


Trunnion Table Kit allows you to mount the Modular Work Holding Plate to the Sherline Rotary on the Taig table. 
Comes with all screws needed and mounting hardware.You can use any of the MWHS01 with this kit.

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