TP-100 Probe-Toolsetter  -  Made in USA            

The TP-100 series includes the following models:

PhotoModelPart NumberDescriptionPrice
TP-100202033PProbe Only with ¼ inch diameter fixed shank

Probe with connectorTP-100202033PCProbe Only with ¼ inch diameter fixed shank and 1/8 ( 3.2mm ) diameter Phone plug connector

TP-100A202033AProbe-Toolsetter with adjustable center shank ¼ diameter Purchase
202032AProbe-Toolsetter with adjustable center shank 10mm diameter Purchase
202030AProbe-Toolsetter with adjustable center shank 3/8 diameter Purchase
TP-103202031Touch Toolsetter


All configurations are made in USA and include a 6 foot heavy duty shielded cable.  The cable is 2 conductor with
red and black insulation, non polarized wiring.  The cable also has a grounding shield that may optionally be connected
at one end.  

All Probes include a 2mm ruby tipped stylus, and all toolsetter designations include a 5/8 diameter flat stylus.

Included in the probe/toolsetter package ( TP-100A ) are the following items:

TP-100A Shown with tool setting touch pad installed ( sitting on a cast tooling plate), below.

Connection identification for the 1/8 diameter phone connector: