IMService Servo System Comparison


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IMService Controller Model SYS-3A SYS-4B SYS-5 Comments
Controller Picture  
System additional info and purchase Link BUY BUY BUY  
Interface Serial or USB (with USB to serial adaptor) Parallel USB-2  
Operating System Windows 98/XP/Vista Linux - DOS
or Windows XP
Windows XP/Vista  
Controller Software DeskCNC EMC/TurboCNC/CNC Pro/CNCZeus/Mach3 Mach3/ncPOD API Mach3 requires Win XP or Vista
Control Software Included Yes Free from 3rd party/extra cost Extra Cost/Free API  
Hardware DeskCNC Controller Buffered breakout board ncPOD  
Number of Axes 2,3, or 4 2,3, or 4 2,3, or 4  
Cam Programming Software Included, engraving, pocketing, drilling, contouring, 3D surfacing, 3D rotary ring programming, image tracing and 3D grayscale, PCB drilling and trace isolation. Yes extra cost extra cost  
Available as a component kit? Yes
 Kit-3A and PS kit are available
Kit-4A and PS kit are available
Stand Alone Operation No No Planned  (Uses SD Card Memory)  
Contact probing Yes Yes Planned  
3D Surface Scan to STL Cad File, with contact probe tip compensation Yes No No  
External Relay Box Yes Yes Yes  
External Router speed control Yes Yes Yes  
Lathe threading with quadrature encoder Yes No No  
Lathe, Mill, Router, Rotary 4th axis, Foam Wire Machine Setups Yes Yes Yes  
Closed Loop Servo System with PMDC Motors and quadrature encoders Yes Yes Yes
Maximum Steps per second 85,000
 4X mode
21,250 1X
SYS-4B max speed is controlled by PC and Operating system
Resolution on a Sherline mill or lathe 112800 steps/inch 4X (quadrature) 28200 steps/inch 1X 112800 steps/inch 4X 28200 steps/inch 1X 112800 steps/inch 4X The sv-500 servo drivers can operate in 1x mode to accommodate slower computer interfaces.
Max traverse speed on a Sherline Mill or lathe with 20 threads per inch lead screws 45 ipm 45 ipm 39 ipm  
inch/metric units Yes Yes Yes  
220/240 volt power option Yes Yes Yes  
Limit/Home circuit, Latching Power circuit with E-stop, Servo Reset, AC line and servo power lamps, Cooling fan Yes Yes Yes  
300VA linear power supply Yes Yes Yes 2 axis boxes have 200 VA power supply
9' heavy duty, grounded power cord with IEC connector Yes Yes Yes  
Computer Cable included Serial 10' Parallel 6' USB 6'  
12' Encoder cables and 12' Servo Power cable with in-line connector and terminated ends Yes Yes Yes 2 axis boxes have 12' 4 conductor servo motor power cable with terminated ends
Spindle Relay in Case Optional, Aux relay also available Optional Optional  
Cycle Start Switch No Yes Yes  

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