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Our desktop CNC products are based on DeskCNC software and electronics, Sherline Products CNC-ready minature machine tools, and Globe servo motors. We offer assembled systems, kits, sub systems, and many components and accessories..
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CNC Kits

The DeskCNC servo and stepper driver controller kits and systems are suitable for small desktop milling machines such as the Sherline, Taig, MaxNC, and small imported mills, as well as desktop CNCrouters and lathes. The Controller and software are full functional with smooth contouring, cutter compensation, tool and work offsets, subroutines, hard wired e-stop, feed hold, cycle start, and home and limit switches, integrated surface scanning probe routines and CAM programming from DXF, STL, Gerber, Excellon, image files, and engraving. There are 8 programmable outputs for miscellaneous functions including a pwm spindle speed control. A quadrature encoder input to the controller board is available for lathe threading, manual pulse generation,  or torch height control, etc. The step and direction output from the controller board can be used to control a variety of stepper and servo drivers including those made by Geckodrives, Rutex, the Motion Group, Xylotex, hobbycnc, API,  Anaheim Automation, and others.

1) 2nd Generation Controller and CAM software with intelligent controller board. $350 more info/purchase Add servo drivers and motors and CNC your own machine or select one of the Sherline CNC-ready lathes and mills.  Uses Rs-232 serial port or USB, up to 4 axes and runs in MS Windows.  Machine control at up to 125,000 steps per second.

2) DeskCNC Windows Closed Loop Servo retrofit Kit-3A, build your own controller enclosure, includes brushed DC servo motors with encoders and belt drive reducer assemblies, electronics, motor cables and connectors, and software. Kit-3 starting at $699 for 2 axis ($899 for 3 axis),  more info/purchase For serial or usb port                                                            

Click for larger image of servo kit-3

3) TurboCNC V4.0 MS-DOS Closed Loop Servo retrofit Kit-4, build your own controller enclosure, includes brushed DC servo motors with belt drive reducer assemblies, electronics, motor cables and connectors, and software. Kit-4 starting at $675 for 3 axis  more info/purchase for parallel port

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Assembled CNC Systems

Click for larger image of controller box. 
Assembled box is similar to that shown.

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4) Complete, ready to bolt on Closed Loop Servo CNC system with brushed DC servo motors with encoders and belt reducer, motor power and serial cables, assembled enclosure and software. SYS-3 starts at $999 for 2 axis.  System includes components of the servo Kit-3, assembled in a quality metal enclosure with cooling fan, mains power breaker, enable, and e-stop controls, and power supply.  Also has jack for probe connection  more info/purchase

Machine Bundles

The DeskCNC servo systems run 50 inches per minute feed rates on all linear axes of Sherline lathes and mills.

Purchase any item, 2-4 above with a Sherline CNC ready mill, lathe or machine accessory package, and receive a bundled price savings from the Sherline list price.   Other Sherline accessories are also  available.
Plus Shipping, from Ann Arbor, MI, USA   more info/purchase Sales tax is only collected for Michigan destinations.




IMService and DeskCNC Kit and System Bundles





Kit3 2axis

Kit3 3axis

Kit3 4axis

Kit3 6axis

Sys3 2axis

Sys3 3axis

Sys3 4axis

Sys3 6axis

Kit4 2axis

Kit4 3axis

Kit4 4axis

Kit4 6axis

Sherline Part #

Sherline Item
















8” Lathe
















8”Lathe w/B package
































17”Lathe w/B package
















Mill w/10” base















5000A CNC

Mill w/A package
































Mill w/A package
































Mill w/A package
















Ultimate Machine Shop
















Ultimate Machine Shop















Bolded items are shipped from stock in Michigan; other Sherline machines are approx. 1 week lead time and ship from Michigan.

Mill Package A includes: 1/4 drill chuck, step block hold down, 5/32 T driver, 3 pc center drill set, fly cutter, 3 pc collet set, 3/8 End mill holder, mill vise, 6 pc double ended end mill set.

Lathe B package Includes: 3 jaw chuck, tailstock drill chuck, steady rest, live center, cut off tool & holder, 3 pc 1/4 hss tool set, 5/32 hex driver, 3 pc center drill set.

All machines are stocked at Sherline in California, and can usually ship from our Michigan location within 7-10 days.  We try to keep 5400CNC mills, 4400CNC lathes, and 3700CNC rotary tables in stock, for next day shipment.

Assembled Machines

Fully assembled and tested Sherline CNC mills and lathes. Priced as above in Machine Bundles, plus $250 per machine for assembly, testing, and packing charge.

Sub-systems, Accessories, and Components


Item Description






DeskCNC TP-100 Scanning Contact Probe






Power supply kit 28v 6a, 12v 1a






Globe servo motor with encoder and belt reducer drive



Globe Motor with encoder






Encoder pigtail cable



Servo motor cable kit






Torroidal Transformer 160va 120/20vac



Torroidal Transformer 120/48/6vac 750va






Machine Enclosure for 5400 or 4000






DeskCNC  2nd Gen Controller card



SV-500 Servo Driver Card (qty 3)



4 axis stepper driver card






Solid state relay 3-32vdc - 120vac - 10a



Emergency stop switch






DeskCNC controller to parallel port driver, adaptor kit






Serial Cable



Usb to Serial adaptor



10.5 volt adaptor









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