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Windows based CAM SOFTWARE and a powerful CNC MACHINE CONTROL.
  DeskCNC is also a family of related products for powerful desktop machining.

Benchtop CNC page

DeskCNC CAM Screen Shots
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DeskCNC Documentation:

Setting Up the Controller




Scanning a Quarter


Tool Setting


Foam 4 axis

Foam Cutouts

G-code Syntax

Windows Vista Compatibility

CAM Software functions in DeskCNC ( Download the free 30 day full working demo and  try out the CAM functions):

  • Open and process HPGL, DXF, STL, Gerber, Excellon files,  and G-code files

  • Process point cloud data into surfaces and .stl files

  • Create and simulate CNC programs for pocketing, drilling, contouring, 3D surface machining

  • Scan images and load image files

  • Engrave raster to vector conversions directly to cnc code

  • Modify image with powerful and fast filter and edit tools

  • Carve 3D images from bitmap files

  • Process extended Gerber and Excellon PCB files for drilling and trace isolation.

  • Compensates for flat, bull, ball, and V tipped tools.

  • Create  True-Type font text toolpaths for engraving (comes with a single line TTF) around an Arc etc.
  • Program 4 axis foam cutter
  • Cam includes rotary ring cutting
  • Configurable post processor

Simulate, back-plot,  render toolpaths and edit CNC programs. Single and multiple block step through, find and replace, and renumber functions.  2d and 3d views with dynamic rotation, zoom and pan.

   A beginners CNC book.  How to get started with CNC and DeskCNC.

   Table of Contents  Purchase


DeskCNC Controller is a serial port, dedicated hardware, CNC machine controller. 
($100 when purchased with DeskCNC software)



  • 4-axes of smooth simultaneous motion

  • Runs RS-274D standard G-code CNC programs

  • Up to 125,000 steps per second using step and direction protocol

  • Runs from Windows 98 or later, no high speed processor, special video board  requirements

  • Supports Cutter compensation with tool and work offset registers

  • Drill Cycles

  • Subroutines

  • Lathe threading

  • Built in probe scanning routines for surface scanning to cad file

  • Automatic tool setting cycle

  • Lathe mode with radius or diameter programming and front or rear tool post.

  • 4 axis foam cutting using x-y-u-v axes

  • Rotary axis with angular commands simultaneously with  linear x-y-z-a.

  • E-stop, limit, probe, feed hold and cycle start circuits

  • Simultaneous homing on all 4 axes

  • Axis slaving for machines with dual motors on a single axis

  • 5v pwm spindle speed control

  • CW/CCW, mist, flood, plus 3 additional aux relay outputs

  • MDI ( Manual Data Input)

  • Feed and spindle overide sliders

  • Jogging of all axes from screen or keyboard

  • Slow, Medium, Fast and Incremental jogging

  • Estimated run time and estimated time of completion display

  • Position Readout

  • Home one or all axes

  • Homing and tool change scripts

  • Soft Home and Verify home from command or menu

  • Reset machine coordinates

  • User programmable acceleration curve

  • Backlash compensation and metering

  • Inch or metric units

System Flow Chart      Other Connections Diagram      Supported G-codes

TP-100 3D contact probe with software interface included.  

The DeskCNC machine controller includes probing software.  The controller scans a 3D surface with the TP-100 probe,  filters, smoothes, and then compensates for the probe tip diameter, before creating a 3D surface model saved in an .STL file format.  The surface can be re-machined using the DeskCNC CAM, or the file may be imported into another Cad-cam system for further processing and combination with other design data.  When not scanning surfaces, the probe can be used as a precision tool length measurement device with the included base and tool contact tip.

More Info  


TP100 Tool Setter  The TP-100 probe can also be used as a tool setter.  The package includes a flat base and stylus that can be installed instead of the round shank and ruby tipped stylus.  When configured as a tool setter, the DeskCNC software can measure tool lengths and automatically record them in the tool offset table.

More Info


Servo Driver  The SV-500 servo driver is an inexpensive, 5 amp, 30 volt, closed loop servo driver board.  It uses a TTL level quadrature encoder input, to control the position of a permanent magnet DC servo motor.  The input to the driver board is step and direction signals.  The driver control is implemented through a tuned PID loop.  Speeds up to 250,000 steps per second can be achieved.  The driver has a connector to provide inter-axis communication of fault condition, and they can also be jumpered for full quadrature (4x) or single slot precision.       Specification                  Purchase Link

Servos vs Steppers

Servo Motors Globe servo motors are available with or without a timing belt pulley reduction drive.  These motors are custom designed to match the DeskCNC, SV-500 servo drivers.  Manufactured in USA, in Dothan, Alabama.

Additional info


CNC Router IMService manufactures a complete CNC router.  12 x 12 x 4 inch travel with an assembled DeskCNC servo controller.  The machine has a 55,000 steps per inch resolution and travels up to 90 inches per minute.


More Info



Sherline CNC lathes. IMService is an authorized Sherline Dealer.  We can provide you with a Sherline CNC ready lathe and a DeskCNC servo Kit or assembled system to match.  A lathe threading kit is also available.  Bundled CNC lathes are discounted approximately 15%.  The DeskCNC servo system runs the Sherline machines at 45 ipm.  Lathe resolution is 112500 steps per inch.

Machine pictures and descriptions  Purchase lathes and system bundles 

Sherline CNC-ready mills and Ultimate machine shop bundles with tooling and accessories are available.  A cnc-ready rotary 4th axis is also available.  Mills and Ultimate machine shop packages are discounted approximately 15% from list prices when bundled with DeskCNC systems and servo kits.  The DeskCNC servo system runs the Sherline machines at 45 ipm.  Milling machine resolution is 112500 steps per inch.

Machine pictures and descriptions  Purchase mills and system bundles

Purchase Ultimate Machine Shop and system bundles

Pre-Assembled Servo Systems.  IMService has fully assembled controller systems with a power supply, 2, 3, or 4 pre-wired servo drivers installed, the DeskCNC controller, motors, cables and a software license.  These systems are sized to power Taig and Sherline CNC ready mills, Sherline CNC ready lathes, small import lathes, mini and micro import mills, and desktop CNC routers with up to 1 hp spindles and 30 x 30 table travel.  They are also very well suited to 4 axis foam cutting and 2 axis plasma and laser cutting tables. More Info

Component kits with 2, 3, 4, and 6 axis are available for assembly into custom designed systems.  Kits include motors, DeskCNC software and controller, SV-500 servo drivers, shielded cables, schematics and power cables.  Kit purchase link

Check out the Benchtop CNC page too

Spindle Speed Controller interface board converts DeskCNC PWM signals to 0-10VDC analog signal.  Fully opto-isolated signal with additional opto-isolated CW and CCW relay output with closure to ground circuits.  Other DeskCNC relay signals are also available with direct wired terminal connections.

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Relay output box rated 110vac 10 amps.  Opto-Isolated dual circuit relay box.  Plugs directly in to our System-3 and interconnects so that in the event of e-stop, power failure, or disconnection, the 110v circuits are disabled.  Utilizes magnetic relays with snubbers to safely handle surge loads generated by switching inductive loads such as solenoids and motors.

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Resistance Heater controller for commercial hot wire foam cutting machines.  Dual circuit, variable voltage output box rated 115vac 10 amps.  One circuit is 0-115vac and the other is 115 vac. Plugs directly into our System-3A and interconnects so that in the event of e-stop, power failure, or disconnection, the 110v circuits are disabled.  The heater voltage is controlled by g-code, S commands, on screen slider, or MDI commands.

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